lingerie pattern adaption for fold over elastic (FOE)
Pattern Adaption

How to adapt your sewing pattern to use fold over elastic on your knickers

Fold over elastic (FOE) is a great alternative elastic to use on knickers, and lingerie garments instead of the usual knicker elastic.

  • Foe is a stretchy binding elastic, which creates a simplistic bound edge as it encases the raw edges
  • It is usually very comfy when sewn on knickers
  • Great for beginners in elastic sewing

However you will have to modify your patterns to use it unless your pattern is specifically made for FOE. If you are a beginner or new to making lingerie this is a great chance to do a bit of experimenting whilst learning a bit about pattern adaption.

In the video I explain how to prepare your Sew Projects patterns so you can use FOE on your knicker garments.

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