Moontide Period Pants – Deep Red


The Moontide period pants are a great eco alternative to disposable sanitary pads as well as tampons. They can be washed and reused, reducing landfill waste. The knickers are made from a quality organic cotton jersey in a colour of your choice. This listing is for the deep red colour.

There are 6 different variations for you to choose from depending on your flow type, or you can mix and match throughout your period (which is what I do!)

The period knickers have gone through a long testing and development process to be able to create a great pair of period pants suitable for a wide range of people with different flow types. (I actually worked on this pattern for a year and a half in total!) The variations with wings are my most exciting pattern development, as they are so good at protecting you through side leaks which happens mostly at night. They have been my revelation!

To see me talking about my inspiration, development and testing period, visit the blog post here!

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Different variation types

Light – This variation is perfect for lighter days or used for a back up with other menstrual products. The gusset length is similar to your usual knickers.

Regular – The variation is alight longer in both the front and back of the light variation, whilst also a little wider. They are a great everyday pair but can also be used as a back up.

Heavy – This variation is again slightly longer in the back and the front than the regular pair, but they have a curved seam which helps it to sit flat to the body.

Heavy with wings – This variation is the same as the Heavy however it has wings that snap together around the gusset for extra leakage protection. They are also a great pair to wear whilst sleeping.

Very heavy – This variation has the longest gusset length, so if you have a heavy flow you are more protected against leaks. As with the heavy, the front of the very heavy is more curved but more noticeably at the back. The gusset extends further which is a more circular shaped back gusset seam, giving you extra protection.

Very heavy with wings – This variation is the ideal pair for sleeping in. The wings wrap around the gusset, this prevents leakage when you are sleeping on your side. They also have a longer absorbent gusset layer, so if you lie on your back you are less likely to get leaks in the back part of the knickers. Of course they can be worn throughout the day.

Fabric used

The absorbent gusset fabric is a super thirsty organic cotton ZORB fabric which can hold up to 10 times it weight in under 2 seconds. A waterproof PUL layer is also used to protect from leaks. (If you would rather not have the PUL layer please leave a comment on your order). The gusset liner is a super soft and comfy bamboo jersey known for its moisture wicking and anti bacterial properties.

Main fabric – 95% organic cotton jersey 5% Elastane


Absorbent layer  – 100% organic cotton

PUL (optional) – 75% polyester 25% polyurethane

Gusset Liner – 95% Bamboo 5% Elastane

Exclusive of trims


Additional information


Light with no PUL, Light, Regular, Heavy, Heavy with wings, Very heavy, Very heavy with wings


2XS, XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL


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