Online Lingerie Making Courses

Learn to make your own lingerie and feel your most comfortable self yet with my online lingerie making courses!

Do you wish you could ditch your uncomfortable, disposable, expensive, toxic, bleached, period products, and feel fully protected in your underwear alone?

Once you’ve sewn you’re own period pants you’ll never look back!    👋 🩸🍃 

This course is for you if you are a sewer or beginner who wants to create your own period pants in your size and specific flow, so you can feel fully protected in your underwear alone in 3 simple modules.

Do you want this?…

💭 A drawer full of period pants that are suitable for your personal flow and body shape. No more doubling up on the pads and no more checking for leaks all the time.

💭 The skills to whip up more period knickers in styles and fabrics you LOVE. No more settling for itchy pads or period pants that make you feel frumpy.

💭 Confidence in your own body during your period! You finally get to feel more like yourself during your cycle!

Sounds like a dream right? Let’s make it happen!

£69 or 2 x £36

The Ultimate Lingerie Sewing course

The Ultimate Lingerie Sewing Course will teach you how to create a professionally sewn lingerie set within 6 weeks using my elastic tension technique and supports you with 2 months of 1-1 email support.

There’s also a fun opportunity to get access to my “Level up your Lingerie” mini course by submitting a photoshoot of your lingerie set! (Details inside the course.)

You’re ready if…

  • You already sew outerwear or accessories and you want to learn to sew your own lingerie to feel as confident on the inside as you do on the outside
  • You’ve already started sewing a few lingerie makes but they aren’t turning out how you expected or are struggling with certain techniques so would love a foundational understanding so that you can create any lingerie garment you desire
  • You use a sewing machine on the occasion but have had enough of not being able to find shop bought lingerie so are ready to take it into your own hands

£229 or 3 x £80

Feel confident creating lingerie styles that make your eyes pop!

Lingerie sewers that know the basics but want to feel confident creating styles that make their eyes pop by using my advanced lingerie sewing techniques.

This is for you if…

  • You know how to apply the perfect elastic tension and the constructions steps to a wired bra but want to learn further lingerie skills to so you can create a range of lingerie sets that have your name on it
  • You want to create lingerie that looks really expensive! 🤑
  • You feel the lingerie you are making at the moment is comfortable but you want to expand your skill set so you can feel more confident and sexy in the lingerie you make 💃


Dream Knicker Drawer online pattern drafting course

The DKD course is a unique pattern cutting course that comprises of both fitting and making your patterns fit you AND creative pattern cutting techniques that allow you to create your dream styles.

With these two techniques you will be able to create knicker sewing patterns that fit you perfectly and are in the designs you love to wear.

By the end of the course you would not only have learnt sought after pattern drafting skills that usually cost thousands doing a bachelor’s degree (like I paid!) but you will have the perfect collection of knicker patterns enabling you to create a collection of knickers that fit you perfectly and in the designs you always dreamed of, so you can go about your day feeling confident, comfy and amazing! 

£229 or 3 payments of £80