At Sew Projects we want to inspire creativity and craftsmanship without putting a strain on the planet. We have made a conscious decision to create a more eco friendly business, using recyclable, bio degradable and organic products where possible. This includes the packaging your orders are sent out in to the types of fabrics in the sewing kits.

Packaging – ALL orders are shipped in plastic free packaging. Cardboard and paper is widely recyclable, reusable and is biodegradable. Clear film sleeves which look like plastic are actually made from corn starch which is bio degradable, and even the tape that is used to secure your parcel is plastic free, being bio degradable as well.

Sewing Kits – There is range of sewing kits that use more eco friendly fabric alternatives. These include organic fabrics, up-cycled fabrics, fabrics made with fibres that have little or no impact on the earth and end of roll fabrics, which larger companies would class as waste/unusable amounts left over.  

Sewing Patterns – All patterns are plastic free and are printed on paper being reusable and recyclable. In the future we hope to use recycled paper to print the patterns onto.

Electricity – The majority of the electricity that goes into the creation of the patterns, (using a computer), printing off the patterns, (using a printer) is generated with clean solar energy. It really is amazing what you can get from the sun and a panel!

So when sewing up your creations, you will have a clear conscience knowing that you’re helping to keep the planet a green planet, by supporting a sustainable business!