Penny beginner Knicker Kit

Lingerie Sewing Gift Guide – 8 gift ideas

If you need to buy a gift for someone who sews or has tapped into lingerie sewing then this is the perfect gift guide for you! I’ll take you through the perfect gifts for lingerie sewer beginners or addicts! 1.Cutting Tools Quality cutting tools make a world of difference for lingerie sewing! From a rotary …

Lace design for Barbary Bralette
Inspiration Tutorial

How to design your lace placement – The Barbary Bralette

So you’ve got your lingerie sewing pattern and sewing kit/fabrics together and you’re ready to sew, well, almost!… but you’ve got no idea how you want to incorporate that beautiful lace into your design. If you go ahead and use that expensive lace but you don’t like the outcome, I imagine you’re not going to …

Inspire July challenge scraps knickers
Inspiration Pattern Adaption Tutorial

Inspire July Challenge – Scraps Inspiration Tutorial

The Inspire July Challenge that me and Jessica from The Mad Cutters have organised has had a great response, which is super exciting that everyone is getting inspired and entering the challenge. If you haven’t heard of the challenge check out all the details here! Saturday the 4th, was the start of week 1 of …

Willow pattern comparison details
Pattern Information

Comparison Pattern Guide – Compare Knicker Patterns

If you’re feeling a bit lost as to what knicker pattern would set you best then this comprehensive comparison guide is for you! I’ll be going through all the different styles and details of the knickers from the fabrics used, to the cuts and rises of the knickers and everything else in between! Willow High …

measuring guide
Beginners tips

Measurement guide – Where to measure yourself for knicker sewing patterns

If you’re new to making your own clothes or lingerie, you may still be getting to grips with using a pattern. The most important thing is to get the fit right, as there’s nothing more frustrating than making a beautiful garment that doesn’t fit. Read on to find out where to measure yourself and use …

How to adapt an underwear sewing pattern to fit your measurements
Pattern Adaption Tutorial

How to adapt an underwear sewing pattern to fit your measurements

Everybody’s body is different, and even if you can fit into a particular size, it does not mean that this will fit you well or perfectly. If you’re like me, you like things to fit perfect! Coming from my own experience with fit issues and hearing about other peoples, I thought this would be an excellent …