lingerie pattern adaption for fold over elastic (FOE)
Pattern Adaption

How to adapt your sewing pattern to use fold over elastic on your knickers

Fold over elastic (FOE) is a great alternative elastic to use on knickers, and lingerie garments instead of the usual knicker elastic. Foe is a stretchy binding elastic, which creates a simplistic bound edge as it encases the raw edges It is usually very comfy when sewn on knickers Great for beginners in elastic sewing …

Fabric Information

How to determine the stretch percentage of your fabric

Most lingerie items these days will use stretch fabrics (including Sew Projects patterns) so in order to sew lingerie items you need to know how to determine the stretch percentage of your fabric. This is crucial in getting the correct fit so it can’t be overlooked. Thankfully this is quite simple to do. Firstly you …

Beginners tips

Tools you’ll need for sewing lingerie

If you are new to sewing lingerie you may not know what tools you’ll need. If you’ve done dress making or other sewing applications before you’ll probably know the basics. Lingerie is a bit different as the patterns you’ll work with are smaller and with most garments you will work with stretch fabrics, so you’ll …