I want to help you create your own lingerie and underwear at home with the fabrics you want to use, with the design you want and the perfect fit for your body!

If you are new to sewing or sewing lingerie this may sound daunting but I promise you it is a well worth skill to learn and when those people start sewing their own they not only realise that it was much easier than they thought it would be, but they also feel amazed to be able make exactly what they want for their body. There will be no itchy undies in boring fabrics with a poor fit anymore!

I create a variety of lingerie sewing patterns all with comprehensive instructions manual to guide you through the process, fabric kits with all the fabrics in you’ll need for sewing your own undies as well as lingerie sewing supplies and one to one tutoring for extra support and help if you get stuck with something.

All of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, including the ‘plastic’ bags, which are in fact made of corn starch. You can find more information on our commitment to sustainability here.

We also try to buy our supplies from ethical, small or independent business with good quality materials, to help those business like ours the help they deserve!

So, have a browse through the site and I hope this inspires you to start sewing your own undies!

Happy sewing,

I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!