There isn’t a better feeling than learning a new craft or skill and making something that you are really proud of and whats more you can even wear it and show it off!
Sew Projects is here to give you confidence in making your own lingerie. With Sew Projects patterns and sewing kits you can follow the easy guidelines or add a touch of your own creativity, creating a masterpiece that you are proud of. You can use the pre-made kits that Yelena puts together herself, or if that doesn’t take your fancy, create your own aesthetic and use your own fabric. You will learn techniques from working with stretch fabrics, applying elastic, working with lace and many more! Our patterns are fun and creative with something for everyone. With the comprehensive instruction books you will have guidance all the way.

At Sew Projects we want to inspire creativity and craftsmanship without putting a strain on the planet. We have made a conscious decision to create a more eco friendly business. All of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable, including the ‘plastic’ bags, which are in fact made of corn starch. You can find more information on our commitment to sustainability here.

We also try to buy our supplies from ethical, small or independent business with good quality materials, to help those business like ours the help they deserve!
I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!