• Sewing Gift Guide

    Sewing Gift Guide

    sew-projects November 30, 2021

    Here’s the lingerie sewing gift guide for anyone needing to buy a sewing gift or for someone who you may think would love to sew their own undies! 1. Beginner knicker Sewing kit and printed pattern The beginner knicker kit is the ultimate perfect sewing gift! The kit comes with a woven, printed cotton of your choice, decorative lingerie elastic and organic cotton and bamboo jersey for the gusset as…

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  • re useable menstrual pad

    How to make menstrual pads (Free pattern)

    sew-projects August 22, 2021

    This weekend I’ve been making menstrual pads for charity. (August 2021) An amazing charity called A girl at a time is asking for dignity kit donations for young girls in Sierra Leone. They would be thrilled with any donations sent to them. If you can send your donations by mid September (preferably before) then this would be amazing. Find out more about the charity here and the dignity kits they…

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  • Organic Period Pants

    Period Pants FAQs

    sew-projects April 9, 2021

    Find out about all you need to know on how to use, wash and wear period pants and more! I’ve just released the Moontide period pants in a DIY version with the sewing pattern and kits and ready to wear knickers handmade by myself! If you’ve never heard of period pants before you may be a bit confused as to how they work. Fear not, I’m here to answer all…

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  • Moontide Period Pants

    Moontide Period Pants Pattern

    sew-projects March 14, 2021

    I’m so excited to announce after a year and a half of development, testing and finalizing, the Moontide Period Pants pattern is finally ready for release! The Moontide Period pants pattern is a knicker pattern that’s specifically designed to be worn on your period or menstrual flow. They can be worn on their own or used for back up with other menstrual products such as tampons or cups. Inspiration Watch…

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  • Stitches in lingerie sewing garments

    Stitch Library – Domestic Machine Stitches In Lingerie Sewing

    sew-projects March 8, 2021

    This post will go through the stitches you need to make lingerie! The great thing about sewing lingerie is that you only need to have a machine that can do do straight and zig zag stitch! So if you think you need to buy a fancy, expensive machine to sew lingerie, you don’t! Unless of course you want to! 🙂 These stitches are usually all available on a regular, home…

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  • How to print PDF and digital patterns guide

    How To Print PDF Sewing Patterns

    sew-projects March 6, 2021

    If you’re printing your own sewing patterns at home then this guide will show you how to print PDF/digital patterns using Adobe reader. Printing your own patterns may seem a little daunting if you’ve not done it before, but its actually very easy and straight forward! I’ll show you how to easily print your own patterns! Open up your document in Abobe Reader Abobe reader is a free PDF software…

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  • Penny beginner Knicker Kit

    Lingerie Sewing Gift Guide – 8 gift ideas

    sew-projects December 9, 2020

    If you need to buy a gift for someone who sews or has tapped into lingerie sewing then this is the perfect gift guide for you! I’ll take you through the perfect gifts for lingerie sewer beginners or addicts! 1.Cutting Tools Quality cutting tools make a world of difference for lingerie sewing! From a rotary cutter to shears, to applique scissors they make a lingerie sewers life so much easier!…

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  • Lace design for Barbary Bralette

    How to design your lace placement – The Barbary Bralette

    sew-projects November 23, 2020

    So you’ve got your lingerie sewing pattern and sewing kit/fabrics together and you’re ready to sew, well, almost!… but you’ve got no idea how you want to incorporate that beautiful lace into your design. If you go ahead and use that expensive lace but you don’t like the outcome, I imagine you’re not going to be best pleased! So here’s a simple way to help you figure out your design…

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  • Inspire July challenge scraps knickers

    Inspire July Challenge – Scraps Inspiration Tutorial

    sew-projects July 17, 2020

    The Inspire July Challenge that me and Jessica from The Mad Cutters have organised has had a great response, which is super exciting that everyone is getting inspired and entering the challenge. If you haven’t heard of the challenge check out all the details here! Saturday the 4th, was the start of week 1 of Inspire July, where I started it off with a scraps challenge. I uploaded my inspiration…

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  • Willow Knicker Sewing Pattern

    The updated Willow knicker pattern – what’s new?

    sew-projects May 30, 2020

    I’ve just released the updated version of the Willow knicker pattern (May 2020) and I am so pleased with it! This is my best selling pattern to date and I want it to be an even better resource for all you lingerie makers! In the post I am going to go through all the improvements I’ve made to the pattern. New Hipster variation The most notable thing about the updated…

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