• Willow Soft Cup Bra

    The Willow Soft Cup Bra Pattern

    sew-projects April 7, 2023

    The new Willow Soft Cup Bra pattern in UK bra cup sizes A-G has just been released and if you desire comfort and support then this one’s for you! Keep reading… The Willow Soft Cup Bra pattern bridges the gap between your comfy lounge bralette and a structured, supportive wired bra. It is unique in that it mixes rigid/woven fabrics in the cup with stretch fabrics which creates this hybrid…

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  • Organic Period Pants

    Period Pants FAQs

    sew-projects April 9, 2021

    Find out about all you need to know on how to use, wash and wear period pants and more! I’ve just released the Moontide period pants in a DIY version with the sewing pattern and kits and ready to wear knickers handmade by myself! If you’ve never heard of period pants before you may be a bit confused as to how they work. Fear not, I’m here to answer all…

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  • Moontide Period Pants

    Learn to sew your own period pants! Introducing the Moontide Period Pants Pattern

    sew-projects March 14, 2021

    I’m so excited to announce after a year and a half of development, testing and finalizing, the Moontide Period Pants pattern is finally ready for release! The Moontide Period pants pattern is a knicker pattern that’s specifically designed to be worn on your period or menstrual flow. They can be worn on their own or used for back up with other menstrual products such as tampons or cups. Inspiration Watch…

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