Willow Knicker Sewing Pattern

The updated Willow knicker pattern – what’s new?

sew-projectsMay 30, 2020
I’ve just released the updated version of the Willow knicker pattern (May 2020) and I am so pleased with it! This is my best selling pattern to date and I want it to be an even better resource for all you lingerie makers!
Willow digital knicker pattern

In the post I am going to go through all the improvements I’ve made to the pattern.

New Hipster variation

The most notable thing about the updated Willow knicker pattern is the new Hipster style version! Although the High Waist pattern has been very popular, not everyone loves a high waist knicker, so I’ve added a shorter version. I’ve called this a Hispter styler as it sits at the hips and has wider side seams than a bikini style knicker, so the bottom edge sits lower at the front, similar to a boy short style. This is the first hipster/boyshort style pattern I’ve made!

Willow Hipster Knicker Sewing Pattern

Extra size

The pattern can now be made in nine sizes, which is one more extra size then before, from a low hip measurement of 33″ – 49″. Check this post out if you need help measuring for your size.

Elastic Lengths Cut guide

The pattern now includes an elastics cut length guide! I know some of you have had problems getting your elastics right so all my new patterns will have this now. I also talk about the different tensions for the different parts of the knicker.

Change of Stretch percentage

In the original version you needed to use a 30% stretch fabric for the sides and back fabric. I have now changed the updated version to 50% stretch. Generally stretch fabrics are easier to find in a 50% stretch so it is easier to find suitable fabrics for the pattern.

Working out stretch percentage of stretch fabrics
If you need help in working out the stretch percentage of your fabric, you can find a post about it here.


I have bought the front gusset seam forward, so there is more coverage at the front, making the gusset a bit longer. The gusset is also slightly more wider in the central part, as I felt this was a more comfortable fit.

Central panel

The central panel has stayed almost the same, apart from a small amount of widening at the waist.

Buy here

Check the updated pattern out below!

Buy the updated printed Willow pattern here

Buy the updated digital Willow pattern here

I won’t be selling the original version on the shop anymore, but if for any reason you would prefer to buy the original version please contact me.

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